Omnilux Led Light Therapy

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What is the Omnilux Treatment ?

Viagra Purchase Online Usa Omnilux Revive™ encompasses a completely natural method of skin-rejuvenation using light-only methods. It uses the same natural processes the body uses to battle the effects of ageing as well as enhancing and extending the effects of skin care products.

Propecia Buy Online Cheap Previous clients of Omnilux Revive™ have experienced many different types of results;

  • an overall lifting and hydrating feeling
  • an improvement in skin tone and texture
  • an evening-out of skin pigmentation
  • a smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles
  • a feeling of well being and relaxation

go The opposite of UV light, infrared is the rejuvenating spectrum of light. With an exact exposure of 20 minutes at the correct frequency, this light energises, rejuvenates and repairs damaged skin, while naturally boosting your body’s own production of collagen. The treatment leaves you with younger, smoother, plumper looking skin.

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Omnilux In the press Vogue

…”The results were amazing and showed a very clear pattern among all the participants who were delighted with their skins’ clearer, brighter and smoother appearance.”…


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…”The facial of the future is here. Omnilux Revive light therapy treatments have already worked wonders for the skin of hundreds of switched-on Australians.”… Harper’s Bazaar

…”It works by complementing the body’s own natural moisture renewal process, and working to plump up skin naturally.”…


Effective and Safe

Omnilux Revive™ was developed after many years of medical research. It delivers pure, narrow-band light via a matrix of purpose built LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) carefully positioned to ensure a uniform beam. The activation of photoacceptors is achieved with non-thermal light with no sub-dermal insult or damage to the tissue as seen with other light based therapy. The scientifically designed, patent-protected light source does not produce any harmful UVA, UVB or infra-red.

Trial Treatment £25
Single Omnilux revive £47
Double Omnilux revive and Infra red £74

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